These three pieces were featured in a gallery show, "Subjective Objective."  


Women’s rights throughout history have fascinated me, from a very young age and still today. I find it amazing how this notion has developed over time. What did women’s rights mean then versus what it means now? In my life, I have been told time and time again what I can and can’t do as a lady. After reading Sex In The City (Circa 1840), a piece about prostitution during the time, I created these three pieces to help start the conversation about women’s censorship. These ladies would sit in a room waiting around all day for possible prospects to pay them a visit. I could not think of a single thing more uncensored or related to the topic than painting on the naked body itself. This was the method I chose when executing the graphics for these posters. Not only are they designed to be arresting, but also to pay homage to women’s struggles for suffrage and equal rights throughout history and the struggle that continues worldwide today.

© 2019 by Sofia Rembalsky

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