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Sofia is a New York City-based bilingual (English & Spanish) associate creative director. She has an agency background and knows all about new business, old business, and funny business. She has created work across a wide variety of brands, from makeup to meat sticks, blending conceptual thinking with captivating storytelling. Her areas of expertise span from creative direction to graphic design, styling, illustration, fine art and creative writing for both social first work to 360 campaigns. Having both start-up and big agency experience, she's used to getting her hands dirty and, more than that, loves it!

Current clients include Slim Jim (and other Conagra Brands)Past clients: Mtn Dew, Sony, Slomin's, Ulta Beauty, E*Trade, Burger King, Fanta, Bayer, Poo~Pourri, The North Carolina Education Lottery, United Concordia Dental, T. Marzetti Company, Hanes brands, Oxygen Banking, Addyi, Olympus,, and more.


Sofia continues to develop her passion for art and design while surrounded by talented creatives and dogs. She really loves dogs.

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