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To keep this as brief as possible, I played an integral part from the pitch to the execution of the LinkBuds campaign. It was scrappy and a really small team played a massive part.


We began with the roll out of a Wisdom Kaye partnership as well as many unboxing videos featuring our one-of-a-kind (if I do say so myself) AR unboxing experience. Later in the week, we launched an interactive AR virtual hub that gave you the chance to win a pair of LinkBuds via a game, learn about and/or purchase the product. Lastly, we launched a three tier NFT collab with artist Demsky, which could also be accessed via the virtual hub.


The idea is that these headphones 'Keep Every World On' in a blended-world initiative that stitches the real-world, social world, digital world, and metaverse together across every touchpoint. From an AR unboxing experience to a bespoke unboxing app, an augmented reality product experience virtual hub and virtually enhanced videos from some of the most creative gen-z TikTokers.

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